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Window Tint Man is Orange County's premier window tinting company. We have been tinting cars, trucks, houses and commercial buildings for over a decade. With experiences, skills, and high quality tint film and cutting edge technology we guarantee the job will be done right the first time.



Improve the look of your vehicle while blocking out 75% of the suns heat and 99.9% of damaging UV rays, which will fade your vehicle's interior



Watch the cooling costs drop when you installed window film. No matter where the sun is, offices will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.



Protect your home from fading. Save money and enhance the comfort of your home all year round by reducing your air conditioning and heating costs.

Why you should tint your windows?

The Benefits of Tinting

Window tinting blocks UV rays

Heat rejection and a custom look for your auto are the two outstanding reasons most people consider auto window tinting. In the last few years several of the major manufacturers involved in making window film have gone to great expense in developing a product that gives heat rejection rates of over 69%. These high performance products, usually referred to as reflective, hybrid, metalized or metal films, generally carry a lifetime warranty against turning purple, bubbling and peeling, as well as a special scratch resistant coating. The scratch resistant coating can protect your investment from every day use of rolling the windows up and down. Along with the enhanced performance and warranties available with quality metalized films, you can also be assured of the great custom look window tinting will give your car.

Window tinting reduces glare

Glare reduction and protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays that harm you and your cars interior are also excellent reasons to purchase tinting. Whether it's the blinding glare of the sun or the friendly interstate tailgater, tinted windows can be an answer to the problem. Medical experts and auto upholstery technicians both have long known what the damaging UV rays from the sun, even on cloudy days, can do to our skin and auto interior! NO MORE - - today's quality tinting materials eliminate up to 99% of these UV rays before they can get into your auto.

Tinting Provides Other Benefits on Various Levels

Tinting has always been associated with increased security for your auto, what a thief does not or cannot see usually will be left alone! Recently, some window film manufacturers have introduced safety tinting that can strengthen your windows to a point even a baseball bat wielding thief will have a tough time breaking into your auto through the windows. A somewhat overlooked safety aspect is in the event of an auto accident, window tinting can help shattered glass hold together helping to prevent it from spraying the inside of the auto with sharp splinters of glass.