Window Tint Man

Window Tint Man Services

Window Tint Man offers a variety of services including installation, touch-ups, and removal! Tinted glass is one of the top upgrades sought by new car and home owners. We use high quality window film and expert installation are essential to getting that factory, showroom look. Our services are lifetime warranty.


Window tinting isn’t just about the style. It is difficult to get into a hot car in summer, kids yelling about the sun in their eyes, as well as the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation on your daily work commute. These problems are solved by car window tint products. Tinting your car can block 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. It will protect you and your car interiors. It reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow, and other headlights, helping you drive safely. Your custom or luxury car's interior can be 60% coller during those hot summer days with proper tiniting. Upon impact, the tempered glass used on side and rear windows can shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. Our films can help hold kernels of broken glass together. That means less chance of injury from flying glass in case of an accident or blow from a heavy object. Our window films will enhance the beauty of your vechicle.

Commercial and Residential

Our window films help shield home and office furnishings and carpets from the fading and deteriorating effects of the sun by blocking out 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays (UV). Our film products promote savings on energy costs by keeping radiant heat and air conditioning inside, while keeping sun-generated heat outside, enabling customers and/or guests to enjoy comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills. Our window films reduce unwanted glare and reflection that may bother customers or hinder computer use or television viewing. All of our films are durable and scratch resistant; while at the same time provide wonderful optical clarity and an undetectable presence on the glass. It is also shatter proof to protect you from flying glass during accidents or earthquakes.